Flyable is proud to present the unique opportunity for a complete development experience with Python, all at high levels of speed and memory efficiency.

Ambition to innovate

It's no secret that Python is too slow for many of today’s development projects, and that's something we wanted to change. Starting in 2018 as a simple vision for a better coding experience, Flyable has been under continuous development as we continue to add new APIs and optimize the platform to fit the needs of today's programmers.

Adjusting our trajectory

While the original intent involved a new syntax for optimal perfomance, it soon became apparent that developers shouldn't have to learn a new language just to increase the efficiency of their software. We altered our course and revamped Flyable's syntax to be compatible with Python, without sacrificing perfomance.

Contact us

Get in touch with us ! For any questions, comments or feedbacks, feel free to contact us at contact@flyable.dev . It will be a pleasure to communicate with you.